DLS and Associates Bahrain is an independent Audit firm offering Audit, Tax and Advisory services. The firm is the first international branch of DLS & Associates, one of India’s leading Chartered Accountant firms with offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh & Jaipur. Our unique services go beyond auditing the financial statements of our clients; we put in genuine efforts through our range of other services to better the economic and financial performance of our clients.


  • Financial statement audit
    We provide statutory and independent financial statements audit for all types of businesses in compliance with national and international standards.

  • Forensic audit
    Our team has the expertise to carry out investigative audits aimed at expressing an opinion as to whether there is reasonable assurance based on provided evidence of the commission of fraud.

  • Assurance
    Our assurance services involve given an informed opinion based on available and examined evidence, pursuant to best industry practices.

  • Internal audit
    The value of a proper internal control system can never be overstated in any business system. Our internal audits provide the relevant stakeholders with information as to how to make their internal control systems even more robust.

  • Tax compliance
    Our tax staff will ensure accurate and timely administration of all your business tax needs, saving you precious time and keeping your tax obligations up to date.

  • VAT
    The Value Added Tax (VAT) is a new obligation currently being unrolled in the GCC, with domestic and international impact. We are apt in providing complete VAT services for both domestic and international businesses.

  • Tax filing
    Our tax filing service covers the full range of Tax application, Vat registration, calculation of tax liabilities and credits, and paying or claiming tax benefits due to your businesses.

  • International tax
    Our expert international tax advisors are uniquely positioned to help you make sense of all your business international tax obligations and how to minimize their effect on your business bottom line.

  • Tax planning
    We plan and analyze your business’ financial situation from a tax perspective, optimizing all the elements of your financials plan for tax efficiency. This covers accessible allowances, deductions, exclusions, exemptions, incidence transfer, etc.

  • Business consulting
    We work with your business to strategize and plan, anticipating possible scenarios and developing preemptive actions through the provision of business and financial plans, scenario analyses and marketing plan. Tools which give your business and edge in the industry.

  • Management consulting
    Our management consulting services include reviewing your current business data for specific objectives, and includes complete review of management processes, concluded with a detailed report for management efficiency and optimization.

  • Valuation
    Our valuation services assist our clients determine the worth of their tangible and intangible assets, including liabilities, listing them at fair value in the business financials. We provide objective and independent assessment of value.

  • Business risk assessment
    Risks are inherent to every business. Our business risk assessment service identifies potential hazards and the impact they might have on the business, providing mitigation options to the business risk manager.

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