Empower Business Solutions, Founded in March 2013 by Emma Almansoori, offers a range of business consulting services to small and midsize businesses in Bahrain and the GCC region. We target startup businesses to help them with business planning, developing policies and procedures and the development of the IT infrastructure. For established organizations, we perform strategic business planning to help identify areas of weaknesses and areas of strengths in the organization. We also offer all range of management skills on part time basis for small organizations that cannot afford full-time staff.


We Empower our clients to profitability and sustainable business growth with clear business blueprints. We work closely with our clients to analyze their businesses, and provide and implement financial, legal and results-based consultation according to the new marketplace.


Empower Business Solutions draws upon the experience and relationships which we have developed through working as consultants within the financial industry, and as accountants within private practice and operations to offer accounting solutions. We have brought together an expert team to service the on-going requirements of our clients. The team at Empower Business Solutions works alongside our clients to offer bespoke business and accounting solutions. With significant financial experience and infrastructure investment we are perfectly placed to streamline our clients’ operations and undertake accounting services in a more cost effective and focused way than they would be otherwise able to achieve independently. We are sensitive to both the size of the financial services marketplace and the competitive environment within which our clients work. Thus, confidentiality and data protection are a key consideration and focus for our business.


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